The most logical Fixed Asset Management solution for Intacct

Increase visibility into fixed assets while decreasing time spent managing fixed assets.

Flexible to meet your needs

AssetEdge supports all Intacct company structures, currencies, depreciation methods, and conventions. AssetEdge will work with your Intacct instance regardless of your configuration. 

Industry Leading Operations

Because AssetEdge lives entirely within the Intacct Platform you can rest easy knowing that your data is protected with the highest standards!

First Class Customer Support

The AssetEdge team provides top notch support for the application. The product boasts a comprehensive user manual and built in support system that allows you to contact a representative without ever leaving Intacct 



For a quick overview- watch the 90 second promo video. For a more in depth look into the application watch the 10 minute video tour.


Are you ready to enjoy AssetEdge?

AssetEdge packs a lot of functionality in a small price tag. As new features are added, one thing that does not change is the price.

Complex But Still Simple

AssetEdge handles your complex depreciation and asset tracking needs but is surprisingly simple to use. AssetEdge includes features like construction in progress, physical location history, and maintenance tracking at an affordable price.

Any Company Structure

Asset Edge supports all Intacct company structures and foreign currency situations. Multi-entity shared or distributed with locations around the world? No problem!

Powerful Reporting

AssetEdge comes standard with many powerful reports, charts and graphs. If you find yourself needing more, don’t worry – you can leverage the Intacct custom report writer — all of the AssetEdge data is available in Intacct. 

Adapts to fit your needs

AssetEdge supports the everyday changes that occur including Location, Department, Project, or Class transfer, Asset Class changes, Asset Revaluatiosm and Partial or Full disposals

Complete GL Visibility

From capitalization to depreciation to disposition and anything in between. All GL Entries within the asset lifecycle are related back to the asset that caused the resulting entry

Lots of Options

Methods including Straight line, Sum of years digits,Declining Balance (125%,150%,175%,200% and Variable Declining Balance (125%,150%,175%,200%).  Conventions including Full Month, Mid Month, Zero Month,Full Year, Mid Year, and Mid Quarter



The lowest priced highest value fixed asset solution for Intacct.

Pricing is based on the number of assets that are being tracked
(Implementation, data migration, and initial training matches first year subscription fee)

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