JOSEPH EVE will provide implementation and training of the AssetEdge fixed asset management system for Client




  • JOSEPH EVE will designate a single point of contact to serve as the JOSEPH EVE Project Manager, and to be Client’s primary contact with JOSEPH EVE.  The JOSEPH EVE Project Manager will be responsible for the overall project delivery including completion of JOSEPH EVE’s activities as specified in this Statement of Work.
  • JOSEPH EVE will implement and test application in Client’s sandbox environment (if applicable) and Client’s production environment.
  • JOSEPH EVE is will provide client AssetEdge quick start workbook. Upon completion of workbook by Client, JOSEPH EVE will provide (1) round of validation and feedback to assist Client in providing accurate data templates is included with this service.  One round is defined as,
    • Client provides clean data file,
    • JOSEPH EVE performs one data validation,
    • If the file passes the validation JOSEPH EVE will assist with upload via remote screen sharing.
    • If the file does not pass validation, Client repairs the file; JOSEPH EVE will validate file and, if it passes the validation will assist with upload via remote screen sharing.
    • JOSEPH EVE will provide 2 hours of remote training over the course of the first year.  Additional training can occur for a fee.


  • Client will assign a single point of contact to that will function as Client’s Project Coordinator and be JOSEPH EVE’s primary contact with Client. Client’s Project Coordinator will have full authority to act on behalf of Client with respect to:
    • Decision and signatory authority and Authorizing payments
    • Complete Client’s activities as specified in this Statement of Work including managing Client’s deliverables for the project
  • Client is responsible for completing training videos prior to instructor led training.
  • Client is responsible for performing all data cleansing and legacy system data mapping and accurately populating the AssetEdge quick start workbook for uploading into Intacct according to the specifications.


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