Asset Edge!

AssetEdge by JOSEPH EVE makes fixed asset management simple. AssetEdge was built using the Intacct platform. It is unlike other fixed asset offerings created on the Intacct platform – it has a small footprint so you will not trigger Intacct platform charges, it utilizes the latest web technologies so you can post depreciation without even refreshing your screen, and it is fully contained within Intacct.

  • Easily import assets from other fixed asset systems
  • Fully integrated into Intacct purchasing for new assets and Intacct invoicing for asset sales
  • Supports asset additions and relationships between assets
  • Monthly Depreciation posting process automates posting of all depreciation expenses
  • Keeps track of all asset details including photos and related documents

Intacct Marketplace

Asset Edge is now featured on the Intacct Marketplace. See the feature here

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